No, we're not cowboys, but we do break wild stories and ideas, nurture and work with them, until they gallop with purpose. 

Buckaroo is a Los Angeles based full service production company that delivers projects end to end. Commercials, short films, digital content, and promos are all in our corral.

No matter the project size, we’re looking for collaborators to partner with. Be it intimate lifestyle doc style content or elaborate commercial spot, we have the crew and experience to execute.  

So, let’s create together!


Nikolas Smith

Photo by Kurt Iswarienko

Nikolas Smith is a filmmaker with many disciplines, working on narrative and commercial projects as a director, producer, writer, cinematographer and sound designer. His short films have played at festivals across the United States and his commercial clients include Disney, Lays, Proctor & Gamble, Ralph’s, Sleepy's, WorldWide Golf, and Hyundai. 

His lifelong fascination with the moving image turned into an education at Chapman University where he received a Marrion Knott Scholarship and the Linus Toh Excellence Award while studying under Tom Mankiewicz.

He lives in Los Angeles, learning about life from his two daughters, while developing feature length, commercial, and digital content. 

Always with a bend toward narrative, his straightforward approach, searches for elegance and honesty.

fallout9 copy 2.jpg

Robert Exner

Photo by Christine Stahr

Rob lives to be on set with his rad crew and state of the art gear. When he's not producing you'll find him in a "quiet" house catching up on movies while wearing luchador attire... just in case the kids wanna get nuts.

As a producer with more than 20 year’s experience, he’s worked for Roger Corman, NBC NYC, Scoffield Films NYC, Ignition Post LA, Squadron LA, Disney, Vanishing Angle, SharkPig.  Projects range from interstitials, short films, industrials, spec commercials, award winning commercials, branding content, promotional content.

When he’s not producing something epic, you can find him helping friends and colleagues spark up their creativity.  

Rob’s direct, efficient, and super a super nice guy.   He loves his family and he loves the challenges and experiences that come with being a producer.